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Why Exterior Seasonal Cleaning Is Not Just For Houses, But For Condos Too…



Why Exterior Seasonal Cleaning Is Not Just For Houses, But For Condos Too…

Taking care of your exterior space through seasonal cleanings allows you to more fully enjoy entertaining on the outside of your home. For many of our clients, this means making an additional appointment to sweep-out and pressure wash their garage floor and the walkways surrounding their house. Additionally, many of our clients ask us to clean their patio furniture and pressure wash their deck floors with a wood cleaner and brightener. While this type of spring-cleaning is quite common with clients who live in houses, less common is it to hear from people living in condos.

Living in a condo and having a balcony space that is ‘common property’, allows people to express their personal style by the furniture, pots and flowers that they set up every spring. One of the challenges that we hear, however, is how difficult and time consuming it can be to clean a balcony floor, whilst not disturbing the neighbours below with water that runs over the sides. At Cleansmith Custom Cleaners, we have responded to this need by our clients and have a commercial floor machine that washes, scrubs, sanitizes and vacuums in one motion. This wonderful machine is the size of a standard upright vacuum and provides condo residents with a standard of patio cleaning that cannot be matched in quality and speed to any other method of cleaning patio floors. Best of all, you will not disturb your neighbours.

Whether you are a regular condo client of ours, who has your patio floor washed frequently, or whether you are an infrequent client of ours who is throwing a dinner party or having company over for the afternoon, if you are looking to entertain on your patio, then put your best foot forward and have a balcony floor that is clean to walk on. At Cleansmith Custom Cleaners, we are committed to using the best supplies and equipment to clean your home. The results always speak for themselves. For more information, visit our website at

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