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The Best Way to Go Green!



The Best Way to Go Green!

With all the chemicals that people are exposed to everyday, it is no wonder that more and more people want non-toxic, green products used in their homes. If you have small children or pets, your home ought to demand such standards. At Cleansmith Custom Cleaners, we use professional green products on all our house cleaning, commercial office cleaning and new home construction cleaning projects. Additionally, should our clients have their own products that they would like to use, we are happy to substitute those products into our cleaning appointments.

If you are looking to get the most out of your green products, than you should consider the benefits and cost savings to regular cleaning visits. Regular cleanings help maximize the properties of your green products; for once a stain sets in, or mineral and soap-scum build-up, more time must be spent to clean these same surfaces and in some cases, the only option available to clients is to use more harsh chemicals.

Our staff members at Cleansmith Custom Cleaners work hard to ensure that your home’s or office’s surfaces are cleaned thoroughly on our regular visits so that you save money and can get the most out of your green products. For more information, visit

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