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Tailored Cleanings, Customized to Your Needs and Budget



February 16 , 2015 | Posted by Amanda Smith | No Comments

Tailored Cleanings, Customized to Your Needs and Budget

Let’s face it, even the most affordable of cleaning-service costs can add up over the course of a year. For many people the thought of hiring a cleaning company to assist them with their housekeeping, may feel like an unattainable luxury — perhaps even a gamble, as everyone has their own definition of what constitutes clean.

At Cleansmith Custom Cleaners, our cleaning style ensures that our clients’ cleaning budgets go further. Whether it is house cleaning, post construction cleaning, or an office or clinic cleaning, our system works for three reasons.

1) We have a consultation visit before our first cleaning appointment. Here, we can listen to our clients’ needs and strategize the best way to move through their property. In return, our clients can relax knowing that our diligence is not eating away at any cleaning time they are being charged for.

2) We work in teams of two or three crew members. Our staff members are designed to work as a cohesive production line, ensuring that no detail is overlooked and no detail is done twice, unnecessarily. The results are an extremely efficient and thorough cleaning system.

3) We establish regular cleaning areas and rotation cleaning tasks for each cleaning. No ones’ house or office gets evenly dirty at the same time, so why clean it that way?

If you are a person or company looking for a professional cleaning company, visit our website at for more information.

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