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Spring Cleaning



Spring Cleaning

It’s that time again—that time of year to reset the clock, declutter the drawers and clean the appliances. If you are someone who cleans your home regularly, then the idea of doing an annual cleaning won’t seem that daunting to you. On the other hand, if you can’t remember the last time you moved your couch, cleaned your fridge, or sorted through your medicine cabinet, it is understandable how overwhelming the thought of ‘spring cleaning’ can be. Fortunately, Cleansmith Custom Cleaners is here to help.

If you are looking to hire a cleaning/organizational service to help you with doing a deep, annual cleaning of your home, it is best to work ahead of your cleaners and tackle your more personal areas first. Personal areas are the areas of your home where your input is essential. For example, disposing of expired washroom products, medications and food/condiments; circulating seasonal clothing and footwear in closets. If these areas still need attention after you are done sorting through them, ask your cleaners to come in and organize these closets, pantries and storage spaces. Don’t be surprised if your cleaner moves faster through these spaces than usual—your help decluttering beforehand makes a big difference.

A noticeably clean space always involves a level of physical agility. This is especially true of a seasonal cleaning. Seasonal cleaning is a time to tackle the less obvious areas of a house cleaning, such as: windows, blinds and fan blades; light bowls; ceiling and floor vents; appliance and cabinet tops and interiors; garage. Most cleaning companies are not equipped to handle all the cleaning items listed above, especially if they involve any ladder work. If you doubt your ability to work on ladders yourself, consider hiring a separate cleaning company to tackle these areas for you. Note: always make sure that these companies have proper insurance, as your hired help will be standing at elevated heights.

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