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Edmonton new home construction cleaning

Professional new home construction cleaning.

New Home Construction Cleaning

No house is complete without the final finish cleaning.

Whether you are a new home builder or have a private home build, no house is complete without the final finish cleaning. Indeed, there are many companies out there offering new home construction cleanings, but few can deliver the detail-of-cleaning that new homes require.

Cleansmith Custom Cleaners has a unique advantage over all other new home construction cleaners. Our background with our parent company, Paintsmith Decor Ltd.  gives us the educational advantage; we are trained to focus on the details of a project, and know the right products to clean your home without damaging your paint job. We have the experience to create the perfect final finish cleaning.

Looking for a painter and a cleaner?

Save yourself more time and money by hiring both our painting and cleaning crews. At Paintsmith Decor, our painters respect their work and your home. They clean their work-site as they go.

At Cleansmith Custom Cleaners, our cleaners will work seamlessly with our painters to ensure that your new home construction project is cleaned ahead of schedule. Our partnership works smoothly so our clients can feel at ease; confident that their home is taken care of by knowledgeable, professionals.