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6 Tips to Helping You Get The Most Out Of Every Clean



6 Tips to Helping You Get The Most Out Of Every Clean

If you’re like me, than you like to squeeze every cent out of every dollar you spend. When having your cleaning service come to your home, here are six tips you can do beforehand that will help free-up valuable time your cleaners can use to tackle other areas that are important to you.

1) Place all dirty dishes in the sink or load them into the dishwasher. Dish duty can take a surprising amount of time. If you’re unsure if this is a service that you need, request that dishes be done at the very end so that your dishes aren’t cutting into valuable time that could be spent on other areas, like cleaning your washrooms and general dusting.

2) Place all soiled clothes in your laundry hamper and stack any luggage, laundry or other objects onto the bed.  By freeing up your bedroom’s flooring, you can have your cleaners do a much more thorough job vacuuming and dusting. Additionally, it gives them access to vacuum under your bed. Always a plus!

3) Put away any toys from your child’s play area and bathtub.  It only takes a few minutes to put away a child’s toys, but those few minutes are valuable to ensuring that all other areas of your home are cleaned to a professional standard. If you need some help organizing toys or other miscellaneous items, talk to you cleaner beforehand. They may be able to offer your some suggestions and help you create an organizational system that will streamline cleanings in the future.

4) Declutter any work surfaces that need to be cleaned. Sometimes it is not just the kids that need help in this department! A lot of time can be lost working around a client’s personal items. By putting away papers and sorting through other desktop trinkets beforehand, you can increase your cleaner’s efficiency while reducing the likelihood of your personal items either being moved out of place or broken.

5) If you provide cleaning products, make sure that you are well stocked. Most cleaners come with extra supplies just in case, but if you are one who is particular about using certain products or equipment exclusive to your home, make sure that you have enough of these products prior to your cleaner’s visit. I usually recommend having a stock of cleaning supplies for at least two or three more cleanings beyond your current appointment.

6) Confine your pets and yourself to an area not being cleaned. It is a real joy to have a rapport with clients in addition to cleaning for them. Having said that, if your cleaning service is serious about cleaning, their first priority will be to give you a spotless home. If you’re worried about leaving your cleaning service unattended, then do some sleuthing beforehand. Talk to some of their other clients; check their online reviews; ask to see their business license and WCB status. Alternatively, previously sort and store any persons objects that you do not want touched and be nearby while your cleaners are there for the first few visits or until you developed trust in their services.

Use these tips for your next cleaning visit and see the results. For more information, visit

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